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Ahmet Ozgün's 1994

Ahmet Ozgün from Istanbul, Turkey owns a 1994 S4 in Black, with a White interior.


Year: 1994
Colour: Black
Interior: White
Driving Style: Should be on the track!
Miles per year: 0 - 1,000
Owned Since: 2006
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: Harun usta
Other Cars: Ford Ranger
Previous Lotus': I bought my brother a 1998 V8 GT
Why an Esprit: Just loved the way it looked. I saw it one night sitting in front of my gym and just had to have it. ?t defies time it's a timeless design.

V8 fender arches and 300 spoiler.
Race suspension
Limited slip diff.
Brake up grade to 333mm wilwoods front and 310mm in rear
Bigger charge cooler upgrade
Bigger radiator manufactured here
Polyutherane bushings all around
code red chip
Ari filter
blow off valve
I had head work done ports are polished and enlarged.
Oil radiator upgrade. they are double the size.
Water spray for oil radiator.
2002 V8 rims
Super sport egzost
OMP flat bottom steering wheel
upgraded lead cables
steel brake lines

Problems: ?t's been a very reliable car. But after my last outing on ?stanbul Park Race track I got smoke coming out from the number 3 piston head. It also idles very high. Gonna get to work and fix it.
Info: This car is amazing. I did close to 90 laps at the formula 1 race track here in Turkey. Mind you she is an old car but once we are on the track at ?stanbul park she becomes herself. Hugely stable, very keen turn in, holds the line, can brake very late.. just when you think you binned it.. just when you think no way we won't make it, she turns in to the corner and carries on.. I am just amazed that she can hold her own against top dogs like the modified scooby'ies and EVO 9's. Can keep up with an M3 or a Z4 Mor an M5 . She is bags of fun. The brakes which are horrible on normal roads come to themselves on the circuit. They are pure magic. For the price of the car the performance it delivers and it's sheer looks is amazing. I removed the ABS so this is about as analog as a car can get. ?ts not easy to drive but it's rewarding.



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