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Esprit Beginners Guide
For those new to the Esprit
Which Esprit 4 U?
Helping you chose which Model's for you
Lotus Esprit World Guide
Some advice on spending your cash on an Esprit
Garaging your Esprit
You'll want to keep it safe & warm but will it fit?

Test Driving an Esprit
You'll have to drive one, but
what to look out for?

Esprit Receipt
Buying or Selling this
will come in handy

Esprit Checklist
Helps give a prospective Esprit a good going over
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The buying articles below have been reproduced by Lotus Esprit World as they were printed. Many have 'errors' in that have not been corrected.

Esprit Buying Guide
1976-82 Buying Guide
Autorcar July 1983
Esprit S1-S3 Buying Guide
1976-87 Buying Guide
Practical Classic Feb 1996
Esprit Buying Guide
1976-96 Buying Guide
Classic & Sports Car Dec 2002
Esprit Buying Guide 1976-1982
Sportscar & Mechanic April 1984
Giugiaro Esprit Buying Guide
1976-88 Buying Guide
ClassicCars Sept 2001
Steven's Esprit Buying Guide
1988-94 Buying Guide
Evo Magazine March 2001
Turbo SE Buying Guide
CarChoice July 1993
Giugiaro Esprit Buying Guide
Classic & Sports Car March 2000
Lotus Esprit
1980-87 Buying Guide
Autocar Magazine March 1989
Esprit V8 Buying Guide
The Sunday Times December 2003
Giugiaro Esprit Buying Guide
1976-86 Buying Guide
PracticalCLASSICS Jan 2004
Lotus Esprit Files
Classic Car Legends
ClassicCars Aug 2006
Lotus Esprit
1978-04 Buying/Info Guide
Octane Magazine Jan 2008
Esprit Buying Guide 93-04
ClassicCars Feb 2008
Evo Lotus Esprit V8
1996-04 Buying Guide
Evo Magazine June 2008
Hethel to Hotline
A Guide to Choosing
High Performance Spring 1986
Evo Supercars for MG Money
For less than £20,000
Classic & Sportscar September 1999
Cheap fast cars
Fast cars from £15-£25,000
Autocar Supplement
Sink or Swim
Buying an old Esprit
Classic Cars for Sale Nov 2011
£15k Heaven or Hell?
Affordable Supercars
Classic Cars Magazine Nov 2009
Your First Lotus
Why a Lotus makes sense!
Cars Magazine Jan 2014
What you need to know
1989–96 Esprit Turbo Buyer’s Guide
www.caranddriver.com October 2013
Evo A very British Supercar
The Lotus Esprit
Evo Magazine June 2012
Lotus Esprit V8
1989-96 Buying Guide
Car and Driver Magazine Oct 2013
Affordable Dream Car
The 1976-1987 Lotus Esprit
eBay Motor Blog, December 2015
Pick of the Day
1991 Esprit Turbo
ClassicCars.com Marcht 2016
Buying Guide
1976-1988 Lotus Esprit
Practical Classics, December 2016
The Lotus Position
Fishing for a Bargain
Classic Motoring, July 2017
The Esprit who loved me
Lotus Esprit S1
Classic Car Weekly, July 2017
Your Next Best Investment
Resale prices are trending up
Bloomberg, December 2018
Esprit Buying Guide 87-04
Classic & Sports Car
Buying Guide
Lotus Esprit Turbo
Autocar, Novembery 2019
The only way is Esprit
Great value ways to own a Lotus
Classic Cars, January 2020
Hidden Gem
Lotus Turbo Esprit
Hagerty Media, August 2018
10 Quirks of the Esprit
discovered in my first 150 miles
Hagerty, August 2021

It'll need servicing and you

can't just take it down the road!

You'll need bits regularly, but where from?

Lotus Clubs
They're worth joining, but

who and where are they?

Possible Problems
Comments from Other Owners
You'll need to insure it,
but where! look here
Under Construction

Parts Prices
Non-Lotus parts cheap.
Upgraded parts cheap.

Keep a History
Increase the value of your Esprit

Classic Line Insurance & Valuations
Get up to 15% Discount!
Esprit Valuations through ClubLEW!

Certificate of Provenance
Get your Esprits Factory History
from Lotus Cars Ltd
Classic Insurance
How to reduce your payments
Genuine v Pattern Parts
Which should you choose?

Air Pollution and Emissions Control Resources

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