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Esprit History

Esprit Production Figures
Info from Lotus
Esprit 1991-95
Lotus Heritage
Supercar Legend
Autotrader January 2003
Esprit S2.2-S3
Lotus Since the 70s Vol 2
Esprit S1-S2
Lotus Since the 70s Vol 2
Esprit X180
Lotus Since the 70s Vol 2
Esprit Turbo
Lotus Since the 70s Vol 2
Esprit's Cousin
Picture History
A picture guide of Esprit Models
Wings & Wheels
The History of the Esprit Add-ons
Esprit: Year-By-Year
Brief history of Lotus Esprit
Esprit de Car
1981 Lotus Essex Esprit Turbo
Autoweek Magazine, March 2004
Lotus attempted Suspension Utopia
Autocar September 1992
SID Test Drive
Lotus SID is tested
Autocar January1993
Touch & Go
Lotus attempted Clutchless gearbox
Autocar June 1993
Genius Giugiaro
Interview with Giugiaro
LotusLife September 2001
The Last Esprit
More info Soon!
VARI Process
Making the bodyshell post 87

Giugiaro to Stevens
How the Esprit was restyled
AutoCar Magazine, May 1989

Quick Thinker
Active Suspension
Car Magazine Nov 1983

Active Racer
Nigel Mansell trys out Active Suspension
Car Magazine, November 1983

italDesign's Lotus Esprit
The Silver Esprit is built up
Style Auto, September 1973

The Esprit
Lotus’ genre-defining sports car
Patina's Picks, March 2015
James Bond's Esprit driven
drives the Lotus Esprit Series 1
Telegraph Online, March 2015
Lotus Esprit at 40
Curtain call for the legendary Lotus Esprit
Lotus Esprit
Find Out The Supercar’s Origins And More
The turbocharged wedge we still long for
I won my long standing...
...engineering battle with Chapman
Classic Cars, January 2020
A Brief History of the...
...Lotus Esprit
Silodrome, 2020

Lotus History

The Seat of Power
340bhp 4-litre V8
Car Magazine, November 1984

Marque in Time
Classic Cars for Sale, February 2010

Ahead of the Game
Interview with Giorgetto Giugiaro
Car Magazine, November 1984

Lotus Launchpad
New V8 Lotus
Car Magazine, November 1984

Lotus' GM Link
Lotus During the 80's & 90's

Lotus' Own Power Plant
Lotus Heritage

Lotus Nose Badge
Brief History of the Lotus Badge

The Chapman Years
Colin Chapmans' Final Years

Lotus: Year-by-Year
Brief History of Lotus

Chapman & Glassfibre
More than just cars

Colin Chapman
A Short Biography

Company History
Look at how Lotus came about

New Elise of Life
Thoughts of the future

Lotus Turn the Corner
Chapman talks about turning fortunes
MOTOR, 29th January 1977

Chris Boardman

The Lotus Position
Everyman motors tuned by Lotus
Practical Classics, August 2010
Interview: Colin Chapman
John Bolster talks to the chairman of Lotus
Autosport Lotus Supplement 1977
Factory Visit
A series of sophisticated procedures
Autosport Lotus Supplement 1977
900 Series Engine Development
Early testing Pre70's
Maserati Boomerang
design by Giuguaro
Lotus & its Racing History
Supplied Article
The People who Toiled
DeLorean DMC-12

Classic & Sports Cars September 2015
Zero Concept Car

design by Minoru Hayashi
Shaping the Esprit
Giorgetto Giugiaro
AbsoluteLotus August 2018


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