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C. J. Eiras's 1995

C. J. Eiras from Jacksonville, FL, USA owns a 1995 S4 in British Racing Green, with a Tan interior.


Year: 1995
Colour: British Racing Green
Interior: Tan
Driving Style: Spinning Mad
Miles per year: 4,000 - 8,000
Owned Since: Oct 2002
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at: Matheney Lotus
Other Cars: 2002 Lincoln 120" Stretch, 2002 Hummer H1, 1998 Ferrari F355 Spyder GT, 2001 Esprit V8, Bentley Arnage T Diamond Edition
Previous Lotus': 1990 Lotus Esprit Custom, 1989 Lotus Esprit
Why an Esprit: Most unique, affordable, fast exotic. Loved it from afar all my life.

Stebro Dual exhaust, Blow off valve, Esprit Chrome Sills, 12 CD changer in front, Carbon fiber headliner

Problems: Tires wear out too quick!
Info: eBay is a great source for parts and supplies! I would love to find a good set of 1997 rims & tires!

My current Esprit is one of the last of the 4 Cylinders, with a Stebro racing exhaust, honed out cat, (which gives me interesting flaming backfires at speed), red clutch line upgrade and computer chip enhancements. I plan to add more performance upgrades, but just have not had the time to do them. Inside I added a carbon fiber headliner, (which adds about 1/4" more headroom), center sub-woofer, 400 watt amp, 12 CD changer with single CD in dash, blue neon dash lighting and a nifty mirror adapter that keeps my rear view from shaking so much!


I took a few photos of the upgrades on my Green Esprit. I have had many email requests on how to best situate a subwoofer in the car and where to position the CD changer and AMP.


Above is a photo of the Lotus Sills that were purchased from Alan Paterson on Lotus Esprit World. Additionally I added a picture of the license plate cover, which is one that blocks laser, and cannot be read from any 35+ degree angle, while still looking stylish under the Lotus chrome license plate frame. I've added the Handling by Lotus badge, which most Lotus owners who see that ask me: "Does your Esprit have a special handling package?" to which I answer: "No. That badge is off of an Isuzu" and we all get a good chuckle!


Above are photos of the 5 3/4" replacement headlights with sealed beams that converted the old halogen look to the new more sophisticated "Xenon" style. They are much brighter and clearer than the halogens.

September 2006
I just wanted to update my page with my latest Esprit photos. Also showing off the door sills that I bought through LEW and the Stebro racing exhaust.


My Previous Esprits

The Red Esprit was my First Lotus, and the first exotic car that I ever owned, I miss her but she was not much to look at, sort of like a first girlfriend you always think fondly of.


The Yellow Esprit Pictured was my second Lotus, and as you can tell I had many modifications done to it. The front end was replaced with Acura aftermarket, further customized by drilling and porting for the fog lights. The mirrors were replaced with 90's model Toyota Celica GT, but were positioned forward on the door, which was a dramatic change in the look of the car, and made most people ask if it was a Lamborghini.

The rear wing was from a Ford Mustang GT, converted to fit the Esprit. The seats were recovered and the interior spruced up a bit with a racing polished shift gate and additional speakers. This was by far the most attention getting Esprit that I have owned.


I was sideswiped on the highway and pushed into a metal guard rail at 65MPH! The lady that hit me nearly passed out on the road when she got out to see what she had done! The car held up extremely well for a head on collision! Don't let anyone tell you that these cars are unsafe, because I am sure a BMW or Vette would not have faired as well as my Esprit did in that accident.


These pictures are from a photo shoot with Leslie Skirps, a VENUS Swimwear catalogue model, for one of my companies, HappyVodka.com

My modified Esprit was tagged with Happy Vodka Racing team on the hood and doors for the shoot.



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