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Charles Crawley's 1995

Charles Crawley from Luxembourg owns a 1995 S4s in Azure Blue, with a Cream leather/blue piping interior.


Azure Blue
Cream leather with blue piping
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
3,000 – 5,000
Owned Since:
June 2004
Purchase from:
Serviced at:
Ramspott & Brandt, Wiesbaden, Germany
Other Cars:
Previous Lotus':
Why an Esprit:
Because it’s British and fabulous. Oh yes, I believe there were a couple of films starring Roger Moor that I loved as a kid!

SS Clutch Hose, Sports Exhaust, High Torque chip, Ram Air Conversion, EBC brake pads, EBC Turbo Groove Sport brake discs, 4 headlamp main beam relay, all courtesy of the previous owner. Thanks John!
Planned: BOV and possible uprated ECU from R&B.

Windscreen wiper arm doesn’t park correctly. Intercooler impeller failed, Oil leak from between gearbox housing and engine, Gear linkage cable broken.
None yet…It’s early days!

With the RS4 lads at the Nordschleife


I must mention Steffen Brandt of Ramspott & Brandt. I had left my car with him to have a full check-over and also fix the problems mentioned above and picked the car up on a Friday afternoon before driving to Spa Francorchamps to meet up with some friends from RS246.com. We then went to the Nordschleife on the Sunday. During the weekend, I was finding it more and more difficult selecting gears, especially reverse, 1st and 3rd. By the end of the weekend I had to limp the car home with only 3rd gear readily available and what felt like a broken gear linkage cable.

The next day I spoke to Steffen, who thought that this was probably the case and after a little thinking announced that he would drive from Wiesbaden to Luxembourg, which is over 100 miles, to fix the problem. At this point he was thinking that it might have been his fault and he had not tightened the connections properly. Anyway he and his wife arrived the next morning and we spent a couple of hours with the car on jacks stripping the confirmed broken cable out and fitting a new one.

In the event, he was fairly sure that it was an unfortunate coincidence, but we got the problem fixed. So, a huge thanks for this fantastic service from him!



Caught on the Nordschleife

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