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Jack Polanen's 1994

Jack Polanen from Berkel en Rodenrijs, Nederland owns a 1994 S4 in Black, with a Raven Grey interior.


Year: 1994
Colour: Black
Interior: Raven Grey
Driving Style: Very Fast
Miles per year: 1,000 - 2,000
Owned Since: August 2003
Purchase from: Private
Serviced at:  
Other Cars: Fiat Stilo
Previous Lotus': Esprit Turbo SE '90 Norfolk Mustard. After month of searching I found an A1 condition Turbo SE 1990. The car was absolutly beautifull, but technically it needed some TLC. I did the belts; exhaust manifold; chargecooler impellor; valves and some other small stuff.
Why an Esprit: I must have been 15 years of age when I fell in love with the Esprit S1 at the local dealer.

VDO navigation system; RVS exhaust; cd-changer; new front shockabs; will replace the S4 wing for S4s / early V8 type. Wheel spacers, SS clutch hose and gearshifter.

Problems: Red hose syndrome, but I allready bought a ss clutch hose to solve the problem
Info: After driving a SE for 2 1/2 years it's very nice to have the S4. It's a much smoother car, everything is just a bit better manufactured than the old car. The Norfolk Mustard SE was an eyecatcher, but the black S4 has more style, and is less out-dated


New V8 wing fitted


October 2005

- As 3 piece split rims are very hard to find I improved the looks of the S4 by adding wheelspacers. I really look graet! Thet say the wheelbearrings will suffer from wear and tear, but with 3000 km per year... who cares! Front wheelspacers 25 mm; Rear wheelspacers 35 mm. (R&B)


- From Ramspott and Brand I purchased black doorsills.... I ordered them in black because the car is also black and I was afraid it would look too flashy.... Wrong choice! I'm still not certain if I will leave them on.

- New black annodized gear shifter. Looks and feels great. (Also R&B)

- By the way the red-hose syndrome is over since new SS steel hose.


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