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Jeremy Edwards' 1995

Jeremy Edwards from the Hungerford, UK owns a 1995 S4s in Lotus Racing Green, with a Biscuit Leather interior.


Lotus Racing Green
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
4 – 8,000 miles
Owned Since:
August 2004
Purchase from:
Non-Lotus Dealer
Serviced at:
Other Cars:
1994 Toyota Supra
1978 Lotus Eclat 521
Previous Lotus':
1979 Lotus Elite
1980 Esprit Series 2.2
Why an Esprit:
Is there anything else? I mean, what else can you get that looks this good, performs this well, and is still useable as a daily driver.
Upgrades: Ram air mod (thanks LEW) with green air filter, braided clutch
(thanks again LEW)
Clutch master cylinder failed

After nearly 2 years of being Esprit-less, having sold my S2.2 which needed an awful lot of work, that I didn't have the time to do, or the
garage to do it in, I decided enough was enough, it was time to find the Esprit I always wanted, a Racing Green S4s.


Not that many to choose from, and I nearly gave in a bought a purple S4 (bit different). Then as luck would have it, a green S4s came up for sale, within price range that looked like a decent car. I ended up seeing the car 4 times before finally making the deal with a few provisos for getting some things put right before delivery.


The car was delivered to me at the beginning of August 2004 and apart from a minor mishap with the clutch cylinder and no gears (luckily it happened on my drive way) I've had a huge smile on my face ever since.


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