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Joe Pop's 1995

Joe Pop from Buffalo, NY, USA owns a 1995 S4 in Silver, with a Tan Leather interior.


Year: 1995
Colour: Silver
Interior: Tan Leather
Driving Style: Spirited when the roads allow...
Miles per year: As many as possible...
Owned Since: 30th August 2006
Purchase from: Dallas, TX
Serviced at: JAE Lotus (Parts), Myself, and my mechanic Evan, who used to own it!
Other Cars: 1991 Toyota MR2, 2008 Honda Civic Si (daily driver)
Previous Lotus': This is the first of hopefully a few!
Why an Esprit: See below!

Green Dot Cam Pulley, SS JAE Cat-Bypass Downpipe, 3" Aeroturbine Exhaust, K & N Filter, Porterfield R4S Pads (Front), EBC Yellows (Rear), Full Leatherique Int. Treatments, Black Carpet Set, PUK Esprit Spacers (20 MM Front, 35 MM Rear, an absolutely fantastic upgrade), And now planning on upgrading the battery to a small and light dry cell version, and relocating it for better balance.


Clutch went not long after I got the car, as did the fuel pump. Both all squared away. The ABS systems, as well as the brakes in general were presenting issues, resolved through a new pressure switch, accumulator, new pads, new rotors and a fluid flush/bleed. Completed a full engine out C service as soon as I got the car, and while the engine was out, the fuel tanks were pulled, scuffed, and painted with Hippo-Liner. Should be a timeless repair


The car is 1 of 1 in its trim and color specification for the year, and everything I could ever hope for in an Esprit…

Why an Esprit!
There is simply no cooler supercar ever built than the Lotus Esprit. After a lifelong obsession with these cars since the age of 4, I swore to myself that I'd get one by age 21. Happily, I was able to make purchase the day before my 22nd birthday.

Believe it or not, I first met this car in Buffalo, back in the summer of 1998. I was 13, and my mom and I were going go-karting, when out of nowhere this silver '95 Esprit S4 blasted by us in the opposite direction. We immediately turned around and followed him until he stopped. When he eventually pulled into a local bar, I ran out to talk to him. He was great, allowing me to sit in the car, check it out, and just share the overall enthusiasm (we ended up becoming great friends, and still are to this day, nearly 20 years later). The evening ended with him giving me his shop # and he told me to call him for a ride sometime, which of course I did…


We had a lot of great rides in that car, and it quickly became the dream Esprit for me, year, color, trim, model, etc., everything was perfect. But sadly, he sold it in the fall of 1999…I remember telling him back then that this car was built for me…so, I did my best to keep tabs on where the car went from there…

Fast forward to 2006…after going from Las Vegas to Florida, and finally Texas, I found it again...and I knew this was my chance. I flew Evan down to Dallas with a certified bank check in hand, providing it passed his PPI. He was pleased to see his old car in great shape still, gave the guy the check, and drove his old car back to Buffalo for me. What a day that was when the car arrived after its journey back to Buffalo. It's been amazing to actually acquire the exact car I've always wanted…


These photos were taken in the fall of 2006 on one of my first rides in the Esprit. They were taken in North Buffalo, where all the nice parks and museums are. Sadly the Lotus had a little mishap, blowing the fuel pump fuse a few times. An easy remedy I found out later, but still made for an interesting and skeptical ride home..


These photos were taken around 2008 by a professional photographer. The backdrop is an old historic building in downtown Buffalo, with the remaining front façade and an entirely new state of the art medical building behind.

These photos were taken around 2010 at Watkins Glen International Raceway. This was a lapping session, and the car was everything I imagined it to be on the track (don’t mind the sponsor stickers, they were required for the event, but promptly removed after). Truly a special car…

While the Esprit is an incredible car to own, it mostly succeeds in making you want more from Lotus. Enter our 2012 Evora S GP Edition. This car is #14 out of 14 brought to the US, and was purchased for my mother. It is the perfect stable-mate


These pictures of my MR2 were taken in May of 2006 at Beaver Island, about 10 minutes from Buffalo. It's a really nice place, close to home, and one of the best kept secrets of Western New York. The MR2 is N/A, but highly modified, and cleaner than my Lotus. While I have obsessed about Lotus more than anything my whole life, the MR2 was always a second favorite, and a perfect car for me while I kept saving for the Esprit. It has been 15 years now owning my MR2, and it is hard to imagine life without it...


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