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Keith Harrison's 1994

Keith Harrison from Derby, UK owns a 1994 S4 in British Racing Green, with a Magnolia leather interior.


British Racing Green
Driving Style:
Miles per year: 2,000 – 3,000
Owned Since:
3rd March 2004
Purchase from:
Adrian Evans (former LEW member) Private
Serviced at:

Paul Matty

Previous Lotus:
Other Cars:
Renault Laguna
Why an Esprit:
Wanted one from 1977 when I was 20, alway turns heads, true Supercar
Upgrades: Brakes / pads front and rear. New GT3 gear knob still to fit.

Brakes, door check straps broken, Exhaust gaskets, manifold, Niggling ABS warning light.
Bought a workshop manual on CD rom from E-Bay for a tenner. Worth every penny

Below are some pics of recent engine out for manifold change, at a local garage I have used for years. Whilst out they did all work associated with "C" service. Here are some notes of history since owning for 1 year.

Purchased 3/3/04 (my wifes birthday, how sweet!!)

4/3/04 wheels removed for powder coating

12/3/04 wheels refitted with new centres (self)

29/3/04 rear pads replaced/calipers overhauled (self)

31/3/04 "A" service Paul Matty (new track rod ends fitted)

6/4/04 O/S door check strap and spring fitted (self) N/S wrong, still waiting for Lotus to sort !!

12/5/04 Powerstop drilled/vented discs fitted and greenstuff pads (self)

12/5/04 Hit pheasant whist test driving after above, valance,blips ripped off, rad' mesh ruined.

11/6/04 replaced all above (£OUCH) (self) and MOT, straight through.

29/11/04 Noticed the tell tale sound of exhaust leak !! order manifold and turbo gaskets.

25/1/05 Took car to local garage, manifold cracked, nuts (and bolts!!!!) seized on head.
Advised job easier with engine out. All parts ordered after discussion with SW Lotus. (5%discount, thank god!!)

18/2/05 Car returned, all belts and hoses at front replaced, brush pack to alternator fitted, chargecooler overhauled, valve clearances checked Ok,
Seal in A/C replaced air con working now, gearbox driveshaft seals replaced, flywheel oil seal replaced, new gearbox oil. "C" service completed.

23/2/05 Powerstop rear discs arrived, (on order since Donnington 04) fitted, pads refaced (self)


Car still running ok after major surgery until leaving a soire to the local, nice night, loads of attention for the old girl. No start. Aaaaarggh. Engine tuning, not firing, hell of a smell of petrol. The old lotus jokes kick in (Ba*****ds), got her going, left in clouds of black smoke, and boy did she go well. Realised must be overfuelling and after freescan analysis found coolant temp sensor u/s, maybe when the engine was cleaned down water affected it. Back to SWLC coolant sensor, and TPS sensor ordered.


Fitted coolant sensor, took out to test, all fine, got home and checked coolant level, well low, no tell tale. After alot of trouble ( thanks to the owner who cut the coolant low level wires!!!!!!!!!) found the magnets on the float had corroded away. Ordered new level sw and remade connections. I checked all the tell tales back to he speedo head at this time, all working.

Received and fitted new low coolant switch, all now ok.

Taking wife to works do, "Its a nice night, i'll drop you off in the Lotus" Bad news, spotted a lizzie on the bypass and raised my eyes to her, she responded by chucking a piece of stone at me and chipping my screen. I was moving a bit and at the next island the chip turned into a 3ft crack, ( think they have a lot to do with the strength of the top shiny bit!!!!!!!!!), covered on insurance(thank god) Auto windscreens quote was £1088. What !!!!!!!!!!!

Returned from 2 wks in Cyprus, in need of some speed. Heaven, all ok. Checking some stuff realised no MOT, Pretty confident with the work thats been done :-) )-: No rear No' plate lights and binding handbake. Plate lights were easy corroded connections, back to SWLC cables please!!

Aug 05
New MOT, suns shining, shades on, pulled by the police, normally its the dont see many of these about here, (yokels in Derbyshire), Traffic act Blah Blah brake lights on all time, produce 6 minute old MOT, red faces, jumping up and down, found mechanic with big boots had pushed brake light warning switch out of brake box. 2 min job to refix, no grief.

Remove rear diffuser for repaint, has looked crap since i've had the car, took the time to replace the N/S exhaust mount that i bought at the 2004 Donnington gathering, sounds loads better now.

Brake fluid replaced and brakes bled.(Peter Smith Sports Cars) Very reasonable quote and a free ABS diagnosis.

Pulled by police again for brake lights being permanently on, switch had collapsed in mounting. Paul Matty had part in and whilst having a general chat with Roy, found he had the N/S door check strap i had been waiting on, result. Both fitted.

Damn ABS light on again, Ordered rear N/S wheel sensor that had fault coded on visit to Peter Smith. This didn't come out easy, but seems to have cured the problem.

Virtually all rigid brake lines replaced, new battery and now full MOT



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