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Pat Pong's 1993

Pat Pong from Bangkok, Thailand owns a 1993 S4 in Norfolk Mustard, with a Cream Leather with Brown Alcantara.


Norfolk Mustard
Cream Leather with Brown Alcantara
Driving Style:
Fast,....... mostly top speed driving
Miles per year: 2,000 – 3,000
Owned Since:
Purchase from:
Srinakarin Lotus Thailand
Serviced at:

Srinakarin Lotus Thailand and Prasert Lotus Service.

Previous Lotus:
only in scales...
Other Cars:
85 Ferrari Testarossa, 76 Ferrari 308 GTB, 57 MGA, 73 Triumph Spitfire, 79 Datsun 280ZX...
Why an Esprit:
It has to be the Esprit since I've known about sports cars, then, James Bond Esprit in the film comfirmed it for me that it was the dream for me ever since....
Upgrades: It all started with the front brakes Brembo after a year of ownership. Then came along, Test pipe, sport exhaust silencer, upgraded turbo, K&N airfilter, Chip # 6 red race, Upgraded main injectors, larger secondary injectors, Fifth gear conversion, EBPV replaced, Ram air conversion, upgrade wastegate capsule, Bucket racing seats, quick release steering wheel, Full PolyUrethane bushing set, Wheels spacers, a push start button........ with Bigger Chargecooler and stainless steel Headers in very near future. All to ensure that the car can comfortably reach 300 km/h.
Usually minors.... one fast run in it and I forget it all.
See below

It's true is the best sports cars at any price.......The one best outstanding feature of the Esprit is handling. And it sure is true. At top speed, 180 mph +, the car is rock steady. It give you so much confident to keep flooring. With this great handling, you can have great fun upgrading the car knowing that the car can handle no matter what horsepower you put in it.... not many sports cars in the world can give
you such confident..........

After a long love affair, I bought the Lotus Esprit out of my own pocket right after finishing my university years from the US. I had the posters of the Esprit on the wall nearly every where I lived; college dormitories, apartments... It was a real dream came true.


I bought brand new in 1993 from Lotus Thailand. It was a choice between the Lotus Esprit S4 and the Ferrari 348, not much to decide really, after test driving both, the Lotus clearly the one even before test drove. then, modifications came with the Brembo front breaks to begin with followed by many others.

LEW was a real major change and modification my Esprit. After discovered, LEW site I have been on it frequency and gotten many informations about the car and upgrading... and my car never been in such superb condition.

Here in Bangkok, Thailand, we have all together nearly 70 Esprits. A few of the Giugiaros and early Stevens, but mostly are the SE, S4, S4s, five 300S. Non V8. Only a few left unmodified these days, many equipped with many upgrade parts to reach a fast acceleration time and top speed and it never disappoints us indeed.


I'm in the black T-shirt with some friends before a Sunday Morning Run.

Ususally, on early sunday morning we get together as a group, not only the Esprits and other supercars; Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Honda NSX, the Supra.... all for a fast run up on an upperdeck elevated highway which stretch over 50 kms long. Because of early time on sunday morning, the highway is free from traffic, police.... since it's an elevated highway, there are no dogs, cats, motorcycles to interfere with our speeding which make it very save to speed anywhere. About 10+ cars speed at its top of its performance to about 180+ mph for the Esprit, Porsche 911 turbo, Ferrari 355, 360 and 200+ mph for the case of the Ferrari F40, F50, 575 GTC... Lamborghini Diablo, Mercielago... Ford GT... The Jaguar XJ220 topped them all at near 230 mph.

Let me ensure that the Esprits never left out embarrassing even among these supercars......... can't wait for their next Esprit.



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