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Rickard Fritz's 1994

Rickard Fritz from Stockholm, Sweden, owns a 1994 S4 in Calypso Red, with a Tan hide interior.


Year: 1994
Colour: Calypso Red
Interior: Tan Hide
Driving Style: Should be on the Track!
Miles per year: 8,000 – 10,000
Owned Since: September 2003
Purchase from: Private Sale
Serviced at: Myself
Other Cars: Porsche Boxster, BMW 325 convertible
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: A combination of James Bond and a good childhood.. My father took me to a car show 1989, that´s when i first saw the Esprit IRL, i was 12 years old and knew then and there what would happen.

I´m working on the car during the long arctic swedish winter and this is the plan sofar...

New supersport exhaust and racekat, dump valve, cusom made carbonfiber parts for the exterior and carbonfibre door sills, clear front indicator lenses.

And a multimedia soundsystem with dvd and 2 7" screens.

I will ad pictures of all mods as my work progresses.

Problems: Main clutch cylinder, needed a repair the first week i had the car. ABS system out of order right now.
Info: The car is my winter project and i will upgrade this page as my work on the Esprit goes on.




The interior in my car had not gotten the proper love and care from the cars previous owners, the driver seat looked horrible, and the color of the leather was worn away on the sides.


I spoke to some leather specialists about restoring the leather and they gave me some tips on how to do the work best, i have never before done any work on leather.

Before and After

It was an interesting experience and now i am proud to say, my driver seat lookes like new, so now i have the passanger seat left and the rest of the interior...

Respray, Exhaust & a Cargasm
January 2005


I wanted to re paint the front of my car, all Esprit owners know the downside of driving a really low car, the front catches a lot of small stones and other small things that damage the paint. I also changed the original mesh. While i had the front off I had new clear indicators made for the front, these are now sold from the swedish company www.reproglas.com.

I have plans to have the same company make clear indicators for the rear of the car also before the summer of 2005. The new mesh, the clear indicators and the new paint makes the car look excellent..


I also changed my original exhaust system and replaced it with a supersport silencer from SJ sportscars. When I took the old system off I noticed that my original Cats was EMPTY !!! So I bought a stainless steel race catalyst. Now my Esprit sounds just as good as it looks, and the car feels as if i gained a few horsepowers.


my personal registration plate in the hands of another toy...


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