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Solomon Jurkojc's 1998

Solomon Jurkojc from Wrexham, UK owns a 1998 GT3 in Titanium, with a Black interior.


Year: 1998
Colour: Titanium
Interior: Black
Driving Style: Fast
Miles per year: 4,000 – 8,000
Owned Since: 2011
Purchase from: Peter Smith Sportscars
Serviced at: Esprit cars (Stockport)
Other Cars: Toyota Celica
Previous Lotus': None
Why an Esprit: Fast,Loud,Bond, Car porn!
Upgrades: Before I bought it someone put after-market double exhaust pipes on,though I do like to keep things original,it sounds fantastic!!!!
Problems: All sorted after new petrol tank and C service.
Info: Waited for years before taking the plunge buying it.No regrets at all.The open road has new meaning!!!!


Update May 2012
The weather went a little mad yesterday,it was very sunny till I got up the Horseshoe pass(North wales),where it was really cloudy!I will not be putting too many more pics up,but I thought I should share these.  



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