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Wayne Williams' 1993

Club Esprit Member

Wayne Williams from Esses, UK owns a 1995 S4 in Black, with a Magnolia interior.


Year: 1993
Colour: Black
Interior: Magnolia
Driving Style: Normal
Miles per year: 4,000 - 8,000
Owned Since: 2012
Purchase from:


Serviced at: SJSports cars
Other Cars: Vauxhall Vivaro van, 2003 ford Fiesta
Previous Lotus': Europa S2 ( Renault Engine)
Why an Esprit: Style, performance, the whole package IMO
Upgrades: recirculating BOV, Decat pipe and S/Steel sports exhaust, Led lamps throughout, Hispec 285mm groved discs with 4 pot gold calipers on the front. Breather hose K+N filter. K+N air filter
Problems: Alternator bolt worked loose and lost charge to battery, unusual no slipping noise. Fitted new and fine now. The odd old hose splitting to the FE tank. Breather hose to Charcol canister conpletely perished making a strong smell of fuel. Replaced all from R/O valve to canister, total cure.



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