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How to get your Esprit it's own Owners Page!

Lotus Esprit World's Owners Pages are for anybody who owns and runs an Esprit. You'll have a page on this site dedicated to your Esprit, you can have pictures of your baby along with detail to share with other Esprit owners. We're looking to standardise the owners pages to get as much information as possible to make the section more interesting. A form below will help you enter all the relivant details, so we can produce a detailed and attactive page for your Esprit.

The owners pages now have ratings from (worse), to ••••• (best), ClubLEW members are in •••••. All owners pages will now be listed in order of their ratings, with those with lots of pictures and information appearing at the top, and those lacking in content being at the bottom. Owners pages lacking in content and having either a nothing or rating will risk losing their page. We're hoping this will help keep the section fresh and interesting to those that choose to visit it. If you feel that any ratings are unfair, please email admin@lotusespritworld.com and we will look into your query.

All image should be sent via email with your name as the title. We will resize and edit your Esprit pictures to fit on your page and give the best visual effect. We can remove number plates if you wish. All images sent via email should be no more than 2megs in total, if they are larger please either zip them or divide them into seperate emails. This will stop our email getting blocked up with large files. We don't need hi-res pictures, so if you can downsize them please do. But remember, if a pictures is good enough, we might as for a hi-res version for the Esprit Calendar.

Updating your page is easy. Just email us with addtional pictures and text and we will update your page as soon as we can. Your rating will also be looked at to see if your page will gain additional rating.

Adding your email address to your site is no longer optional. As we feel it would be beneficial for people to be able to contact you directly to ask questions about your Esprit. Owners of like models can contact each other and if an owner has had a problem which they've highlighted on their page, then others can contact them for help and advice.

A minimum of 5 pictures is required for your page. If you do not have enough pictures or can't get hold of a digital camera. We are more than happy for you to post pictures for us to scan and return. Remember to stick an extra stamp in if you want the pictures back. Email us for more details.


Now all you need to do is email us attaching your Esprit Pictures and we'll set up an owners page for you.
We will not store any items you send, either text or pictures, if you haven't sent both within one day.

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