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John Watkins' 1995

John Watkins from Binfield, Berks, UK owns a 1995 S4s in Azure blue, with a Cream Leather interior.


Azure blue
Cream Leather with Blue Pin stripping
Driving Style:
Miles per year:
Owned Since:
June 1999
Purchase from:
Bell & Colvill
Serviced at:
Steve Williams
Other Cars:
BMW 318
Previous Lotus':
89 Esprit Turbo, 85 Esprit S3, 82 Esprit S3 (see below) , 74 Europa Special
Why an Esprit:
The only affordable mid engined supercar in the world that can be used everyday
Upgrades: SS Clutch Hose, Sports Exhaust, High Tourque chip, Ram Air Conversion, EBC brake pads, 4 headlamp main beam relay.
Broken Clutch Release Arm, Cracked Exhaust Manifold, ABS pump & accumulator assembly.
Loves everything Lotus


The current car is the Azure blue '95 S4s, which I bought from Bell & Colvill in June '99. It has the cream leather interior with blue pinstripe and has now done around 50,000 miles as my daily driver. The only major problem was when the clutch release arm broke and it was off the road for a couple of months waiting for Lotus to get clutch parts in stock. I've fitted a SS clutch hose and also the pedal assistor spring in order to make commuting through traffic less of a pain.


It has a sports exhaust fitted with the cat removed, sounds absolutely fabulous and goes like stink. I've recently fitted the Moto Concept high tourque chip which has improved the acceleration immensely although I don't like the power curve tailing off at 5000 RPM so now I'm considering upgrading again to the 330BHP chip.


Previous Esprits

Before the S4s I owned for three years the 1989, Pearlescant white Limited Edition Turbo, number 4 of 40. It had the blue leather and suede interior and a Sony CD changer fitted in the pocket between the seats, very tasty. The Esprit before that was the red 1985 S3, which you can see being repaired in one of the photos. When I bought it had been nudged on the rear quarter, which had crazed all over so I was able to knock the price down by a thousand pounds. Then I repaired it myself and had the rear end re-sprayed for a couple of hundred.


My first Esprit before that was also Calypso red, but a 1982 S3 with black bumpers which was a little tatty when I bought it, damaged spoiler & torn leather seat etc, I then restored it over a period of years and later sold it at a profit.



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